Leslie Dicken

Lisa is an expert at taking an idea and transforming it into a viable website. She was able to come up with a solution for my complicated needs, while making it seem effortless on her part. I have used her more than once to design my websites and each time I’ve been immensely pleased with the results.
— Leslie Dicken

Romance author Leslie Dicken and her alter ego Jordanna Kay posed a special challenge for me: she wanted to brand her sites similarly in order to cross-market both of the names she writes under. Under her own name, Leslie writes Historical Romance. Under her pseudonym Jordanna Kay, Leslie writes sexy Science Fiction.

Leslie’s new site uses WordPress as a CMS and for her blogs. Her customized theme utilizes two designs and the sites are connected via a link at the top of each page. Leslie has one interface where she writes blog posts and pages, but she can set which site they pertain to.

While the corset photo came from stock photography, the planet image is custom Photoshop work by yours truly. Also, of note is the cover I designed for Leslie’s book Improper Nights.

Leslie’s website has been a Screenalicious featured design. Also, see the book cover I designed for Leslie.

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