Writing & Editing

Content Factory

In Fall 2010 and Winter 2011, I wrote the following articles as a freelancer for the Pittsburgh-based marketing agency The Content Factory: “How to Dye Clip

Danger Gal Blog

Since 2004 I’ve maintained the Danger Gal blog, where every Friday I profile strong female characters, usually in science fiction and fantasy, but also in the

National Business Aviation Association

From 1993-95, I managed publication of the National Business Aviation’s Digest, their 16-page monthly newsletter. In addition, I also designed as well as wrote and edited copy


I also write for SFSignal.com, as one of their “Irregulars” writing book, movie and television show reviews in addition to contributing to regular features such as the “Mind

The Spiral Path

At the top of my writing accomplishments is the publication of my science fiction novel The Spiral Path, which was released in March 2011. Published by Carina Press, the

Thermo Fisher Scientific

Since May 2011 I’ve been employed as a contractor with Thermo Fisher Scientific working on their Fisher Scientific website as a web content editor and